A Nariguda



In this show, four clowns take the audience on a journey through the dream narratives and poetics that define the symbolism of STAIR.

The Ceremony

Directed by Belgian Tom Roos, "The Ceremony" reflects poetically, theatrically and absurdly on the condition of human beings in the face of death, mourning and farewell rituals.

The Witnesses

Bringing the message of love and universal peace, these two characters are the Witnesses of a New Era. An Era of fun and laught. Based on classic duo dynamics of white clown and augusto, reinvented by the perspective of two female clowns.
A show based on physical comedy and absurd humor.


In this amusing visual comedy show, we watch an unusual and comical bathtub bath, where there is no shortage of surprises and hilarious moments of clownish madness. Carolina Lalala is a woman with special habits....

itinerant shows


Chic! is a comedic street animation, a travelling show whose central character Severina Marileine, a lady with very special looks and habits, comes to provoke a good laugh.


A clown on her musical trolley distributes smiles among flowers and melodies. Creating games and comic situations with the public and the street, Pimpinella brings spring with her.

The surReal Wandering

On board their original chariot, a clown tandem, this clown royalty traverses the streets creating poetic and unexpected situations. Lost from their kingdom, they’re looking for a way back by trying to pedal up to the clouds, but there’s a problem… and they can’t take off!

Clowns for Freedom

A group of clowns invite us to parade in celebration of the victory of the anti-fascist struggle, evoking the memory of 25 April through the figure of Celeste dos cravos and her iconic role in the Carnation Revolution.

show out of circulation Madame Kill

One day Muska decides to die. Muska is a clown who dreamed of being a diva but ended up living on the streets. Unable to adapt to the madness of modern times, she dramatically decides to end her life and make the public her witness.

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