Solo clown show by Eva Ribeiro

Directed by Belgian Tom Roos, “The Ceremony” reflects poetically, theatrically and absurdly on the condition of human beings in the face of death, mourning and farewell rituals.

A contemporary clown show and absurd humor where a clown questions herself and questions us about the meaning of existence. A show about the beauty of goodbye and the rituals that unite us with nature and its cycles.

The fragility of life carefully celebrated in honor. An invitation to complicity, to travel in the intimate universe of this mysterious and disconcerting figure who comes to us from the beginning of time and carries with him the burden of humanity.

A tribute to the mourners. Ancestral figures that since ancient civilizations have mourned the dead, helping the passage of souls from earth to heaven.

Wordless show / clown / absurd humor




Eva Ribeiro

Director Tom Roos

Tecnical direction Rafa Santos

Length 60 minutes

Audiences over 6 years old